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Town Events

For many years now people have spoken of belonging to a paperless society, despite the invention of the computer and the introduction of social media we still depend on paper publicity. Adverts appear in the Town notice boards placed at strategic locations around Sudbury. Leaflets are left in public places for people to pick up and take home. All todays’ adverts for events are tomorrow’s evidence of social history and that is why a section of the Sudbury Ephemera Archive catalogue is devoted to Town Events.

Sudbury Ephemera Archive holds examples of event adverts and tickets, such as the annual History talks which take place in January, February and March, when local people present their research about Sudbury life in past to an audience at the Quay Theatre.

The fliers produced for the Visions of Sudbury Exhibition can be interesting to the art student, not only because it is an event but also the design used on the poster to advertise the exhibition depicts what is thought to attract the attention of the public at that time.

January is the start of a new year but also the annual events are being prepared, such as the Poppy Appeal and additional public commemorations, which might be included during the year or for the November Remembrance Festival.

For the past few years Sudbury has held a Food and Drink Festival in June. The booklet produced for this Festival gives an idea of the number of independent local produces and the variety of products produced.

Some celebrations are for centenary celebrations like the 2013 for the 100 years since the national monument was erected on Sudbury Market Hill to Thomas Gainsborough.

The local churches often have special services or events, some are annual and others may be new initiatives like the Café service at Christ Church United Reformed Church. One annual service that takes place in the Town is the Civic Service and the service sheet can be interesting record of who takes part in the service and the mayor’s selection of hymns for their special service, which usually takes place at St Gregory’s Church but can be held at any of the places of worship in Sudbury.

Sudbury Ephemera Archive prepares annual report for the Suffolk Local History Council about what has happened in the Town during the previous year. Please remember to let us know of anything you may be aware of that ought to be included in the report. Our members have quite diversified interests and by consulting with each other we aim to give a balanced oversight of the previous year. The report is usually submitted by March to SLHC and is then stored at the Suffolk Archive Office.

If you are researching events held in Sudbury, or if a relative was involved in arranging a town festival do not hesitate to get in touch with Sudbury Ephemera Archive via the website.

The archive would be pleased to add any programmes, fliers, tickets or posters to the Town events section of the archive.

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