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Sudbury Model Railway Club

Sudbury Model Railway Club was formed in 1980 after an advert was placed in the Railway Modeller asking for interested modellers to contact Malcolm Hines. This led to the club attending local functions with layouts built by individual members.

Work started on the first club layout (Melford) in 1981, which then appeared at the club’s first model railway exhibition in October of the same year. Being a small club, we have never had a large membership, but those that attend are enthusiastic.

For more information, go to Sudbury Model Railway Club

Caught on Camera

Caught on Camera is the Historic Photo Archive for Sudbury.

For more information, go to Caught on Camera

Sudbury Freemen’s Society

The Sudbury Freemen’s Society, of which all the town’s freemen are automatically members, is one of the most active bodies of its kind in East Anglia. It was revived in 1972, at first as a reconstitution of the Freemen’s Protection Society set up in the 1890’s but, five years later at the quinquennial meeting, it adopted the present name.

For more information, go to https://www.sudburyfreemen.org/

Gainsborough’s House

Gainsborough’s House (the home of Thomas Gainsborough) is situated in the heart of Sudbury. The visitor entrance, print workshop and gift and coffee shop are all located on Weavers Lane.

For more information, go to  Gainsborough’s House

Sudbury Heritage Centre

Explore a permanent display showing the fascinating history of our town, watch video presentations on different themes from the past, view over 1000 photos in our photo archive collection.

For more information, go to Sudbury Heritage Centre

Sudbury History Society

This site is provided for the benefit of all those interested in the history of Sudbury through its buildings and people, some of whom have become household names.

For more information, go to Sudbury History Society

Suffolk Records Office

For more information, go to Suffolk Record Office

The Quay Theatre

For more information, go to the Quay Sudbury

Sudbury Town Council

The official website for the town of Sudbury, Suffolk.

For more information, go to Sudbury Town Council

Tourist Information, Sudbury Town Council

Sudbury Tourist Information Centre is located in the town’s library on Market Hill and offers a wide range of services for residents and visitors alike.

For more information, go to Sudbury Tourist Information Centre

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