Monks Eleigh Bygones weekend June 2016

Monks Eleigh Bygones weekend at Chilton Airfield Sudbury 18th and 19th June 2016

We had a really great weekend, meeting and talking to many people who came to see our stand. As a result of our conversation we will be researching the archives to see if we can find the actual medicine sold to a local lady and dispensed in a bottle now owned by one of the other collectors. SEA looks forward to receiving emails from some of the visitors giving details, which may help other people in their research about Sudbury. Some visitors have provided food for thought about future exciting projects.

DSC_0512 SEA Chilton 19.06.16

Apart from our own pleasure of being able to speak with members of the public and show off the work we are doing, we too had the chance to look at other collectors preserving our heritage for future generations, together with the sounds and smells of the steam engines and skills of tractor drivers.

DSC_0472 New Generation DSC_0471Threshing machine

Obviously people are becoming used to us appearing at these events and it was great to have archive material brought to the stand for the collection.

Thank you to the MEBCC for letting us attend the Monks Eleigh Bygone Collectors Club Rally.