Screening of the film Suffragette at the Quay Theatre

On 20th February 2016 we helped the Quay Theatre promote the screening of the film Suffragette.

Sudbury Ephemera in collaboration with the Quay Theatre became Suffragettes for the day to protest that Women deserved the vote!  The group of Suffragettes marched through town handing out publicity leaflets and chanting:

Come and See

At the Quay

No Vote yet

For the Suffragette!!

Then we stormed the Town Hall demanding to see the Mayor, who invited us in for refreshments.

The idea behind this outing was to publicise the forthcoming screening of the film ‘Suffragette’ that was shown on Tuesday 8th March.  There will be a repeat showing of the film in April but no Suffragettes!

On Tuesday 8th March 2016 when the Quay ran the film Suffragette we were there before, during and after the two performances, handing out both our leaflets and the Quay Theatre’s advertising leaflets.


Many thanks to photographers Bob Andrews, Mike Davies and Jeremy Cheshire.