Featured Acquisition October 2018

Sudbury’s war memorial

As preparations are being made to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice at the end of World War 1 we would like to draw attention to the section in the Sudbury Ephemera Archive relating to warfare. We have a catalogue section dedicated to military action and this is subdivided into World War 1, World War 2 and other military action. The autograph books from the Belle Vue Red Cross Hospital have been featured some months ago, but whilst cataloguing recently we came across some interesting photographs of the dedication of the Sudbury war memorial.

Sudbury’s war memorial has not been in the same place since it was erected in North Street in 1921 and the photographs show that originally the names were engraved on the stone base. The crowds gathered for this service as the war memorial was the only local focus for their grief. The government had decided that no bodies would be brought home, so the families had no graves to grieve by.

Last month we were fortunate enough to have responses to our plea for the names of people in the photographs that we displayed, it would be wonderful if you got in touch with us if you can name a relative who is in the crowd assembled by the Masonic Hall. As well as photographs we hold a copy of the service sheet used at this dedication, with names of the people who took part in the event.

The photographs also show The Row alongside the Masonic Hall that was demolished to make way for the buildings which are there today. It is also possible to see the door to the Masonic Hall that has now gone and the windows that are blocked up today.

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