Featured Acquisition June 2019

St Peter’s Church

St Peter’s Church has been a redundant Church since the 1970’s but it has remained a very prominent and important building for the town of Sudbury. The building dominates the Market Hill, and the twice weekly market is held in front of the church tower. The clock at the top of the tower provides the time to all quarters of the town and over the years many people have walked to work aware of the position of the hands on the dial denoting if they were on time, early or late for their destination.

SEA has many examples of the church being featured on town Christmas and greeting cards. There are numerous adverts for concerts, meetings, fairs and markets that must exist but SEA does not have many examples of those.

As a church in the centre of Sudbury, it has been the building where many civic services have been held and the orders of service are interesting but also the time of day such services were held could be an insight into the workings of the town community. 

During the last 40 years of the 20thcentury as ecumenism became a part of the Christian Fellowship in Sudbury, many acts of worship encompassed all denominations and these were often held in St Peter’s. We have examples of the format of these services through the service sheets printed at the time.

The church is not just a building but the people who worship in that building and the congregation often held social events during the week and ran groups to help nurture members with their understanding and spiritual growth. SEA has the program for the summer fete in the 1960’s and examples of tickets for a function before the First World War.

There are also some interesting documents about the bells, including the sheets completed when they were checked in 1973.

SEA would be delighted to receive any other examples of events held in St Peter’s Church or descriptions of such events. Please contact SEA via the website www.sudburyephemera.org

For more details of all the items we hold, see our Ephemera Catalogue.

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